Communication Skill is the life of education
Think in English directly and dive into fluency
Communication Skill is the life of education
Think in English directly and dive into fluency


Jacob Nettikkadan, a natural philologist, living in Kochi, Kerala, has been doing private research for the last 55 years and has made seven brand new inventions about languages and language teaching. He was the first in the world (in 1978) to invent a very simple, easy but effective way of teaching English, a method of teaching ‘How to make each type of expression (sentence) by using a simple technique, along with fluency techniques to get speaking ability in English by the learner, from the smallest level to the top level. He is also the inventor of ‘Child Level English Communication Skill’ by using a “Magic Chart” (invented by himself) to little children, just like picking mother tongue. If his seventh invention is implemented totally, all the languages in the world can be spoken by learners in a short time (which is a difficult myth today).

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  • Use world's most advanced technology and be a global-level English Communicator without failure.

  • Join hands with the winners to change your life; live a rich life; place your trust in us – the only inventors.

  • 1. Learn to 'Think in English directly' to speak naturally and smoothly. (You need not think ideas in your mother tongue and translate into English to fail ultimately and surely).
  • 2. Get the state-of- art ability to use 1,877 usages (formations of Verbs in English) to make 1,877 types of expressions in English to become a 'Hero' in English with legitimate pride and distinction.
  • 3. Remove all your doubts, confusions and mis- understandings in English, which few in the world are able to offer with guarantee.
  • 4. Our English Text Book "Easy Way To Learn English" in four volumes ( the book for Self Study) provides all the above; or attend our classes/ or invest in our "Teachers' Training Programme".